Biography and Curriculum Vitae

Lisa Korpos is a San Diego-based interdisciplinary artist who explores animal perception, inter-species meaning-making, and the vulnerability of bodies. Her research reveals and affirms non-human subjectivity, parsing out the common threads that weave us all together as embodied, vulnerable creatures. Existing between the cognitive sciences, environmental science, and critical animal studies, her projects materialize as an array of creative forms including: interactive installation, digital media, creative writing, sculpture, and drawing. Collaboration with and alongside other human and non-human bodies is an integral part of her process, with rats, birds, bees, and bottlenose dolphins acting as subjects, co-creators, and participants within the work. These interspecies encounters are often undertaken in dialogue with scientists in the laboratory or in field-research contexts. Scientific research and collaboration provide data, methodologies, field recordings, or the laboratory's material milieu, which are then contextualized through the visual forms of contemporary art. Integral to this work—and to Korpos' practice—is the notion of hybridity: blurring the lines between fact and feeling, art and science, nature and culture, human and animal, and pedagogy and play. Korpos holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Department of Visual Arts at UC San Diego, and baccalaureate degrees in Studio Art and Cognitive Science from the same institution.

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