Hymenopteran Ruins

A multispecies archaeology of collapsed beehives:

Hanging Hymenopteran Ruins (Hive #1)  
Installation views.
22” x 26” x 15”
Found honeycomb from a collapsed beehive, found reclaimed wood, pollen, propolis, wax moth silk, wax moths, coastal sunflowers, black mustard, lavender, calendula, soil, rocks, water, glass, airplane cable wire.

Hymenopteran Ruins (Hive #2)  
Installation views.
36” x 34” x 52"
Found honeycomb from collapsed beehive, pollen, propolis, wax moth silk, wax moths, found particle board,
found wood, plinth.


"Mourning is about dwelling with a loss and so coming to appreciate what it means, how the world has changed... if we are to move forward from here. In this context, genuine mourning should open us into an awareness of our dependence on and relationships with those countless others being driven over the edge of extinction... Grief is a path to understanding entangled shared living and dying; human beings must grieve with, because we are in and of this fabric of undoing. Without sustained remembrance, we cannot learn to live with ghosts and so cannot think."

- Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble